Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mini Review - Adore Cosmetics Essence Facial Detoxifying Cream Cleanser

I have teamed up with Adore Cosmetics and for the past 6 weeks I have been using, and loving, the Adore Cosmetics Essence Facial Detoxifying Cream Cleanser. This Cleanser is formulated for damaged skin from the elements (think anything weather related) and other toxins, and also contains their exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, providing anti-ageing effects while protecting skin and reversing the signs of ageing. Other important ingredients include Allantoin, which helps deeply hydrate and moisturize dry skin, and Chamomile, which calms and soothes troubled areas. This Facial Cleanser will also remove leftover make-up and oils, restore pH levels, and creates a fresh surface for serums, moisturizers, or make-up. Adore Cosmetics Essence Facial Detoxifying Cream Cleanser has become my go-to facial cleanser, which I have been using day, night, and after workouts. It has truly transformed the look and feel of my skin in the best way possible.
See my Pros and Cons below:
Creamy Consistency
Leaves Skin Feeling Clean
Reduces The Appearance Of Pores
Clean Surface For Serum/Moisturizer/Make-Up
Limits Break-Outs and Length Of Break-Outs
Brightens And Evens Out Complexion 
Small Amount Of Product Needed
Removes Excess Oils
Nice Lather

Leaves Skin Semi-Dry

Adore Cosmetics Essence Facial Detoxifying Cream Cleanser retails for $99.95 USD and can be purchased by clicking here. Another amazing product by Adore Cosmetics is their Essence Facial Serum, I had received a sample in a past GlossyBox, which when used with the Facial Cleanser is a dream; your skin is truly transformed into its best self. With the numerous products Adore Cosmetics offers I'm sure the Facial Cleanser and Facial Serum aren't the only gems, I look forward to trying out, and I'm sure loving, more products by Adore Cosmetics.

Julien Macdonald - #LFW Spring 2017

 "When I go to Africa, I don't go on my own," said the preternaturally ageless Welsh designer Julien Macdonald after his Spring 2017 show. "I go with the Rolling Stones and Kanye and Beyoncé. This is Julien's Africa!" This season's high-octane girl hailed from the Kenyan plains of the Maasai Mara reserve. "It's a rock'n'roll interpretation of Afro-chic that is glam and fun," said Macdonald. "My Africa is metallic and gold and glitter and studs and everything you wouldn't expect to find there." The collection included pale pink, armor-like iterations of snakeskin, animalistic ombré metallic fringing, and textural slate tones on risqué dresses that revealed much more than they concealed. There was much artistry here, though few surprises. But for Macdonald's devoted band of red carpet lovelies that's exactly the point." -

Charlotte Olympia - #LFW Spring 2017

"Designer Charlotte Dellal's show was a riot of no-expense-spared fun. She took over an Art Deco ballroom off London's Piccadilly for an evening performance of '40s-theme glamour, involving showgirls, dancers, the lot. "I based it on Technicolor movies from the '40s, like Carmen Miranda's which I always love," she said. This is a girl who knows how to entertain. Dellal seated her audience beside a high catwalk, the better to get an eyeful of the footwear. First, she sent out a passage of elegant cream clothes, accessorized with gilded platforms and colorful flat sandals. So far, so regular a fashion show; but then came the carnival of kitsch - a riot of girls dressed in a cocktail of exotic fruit costumes, followed by a troupe of high-kicking dancers dressed in gold swimsuits. After a long day, it brought the house down." -

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Stuffed Chicken + Garlic Asparagus

There's nothing better to spice up a boring chicken breast then some stuffing, and there are literally limitless possibilities. Whether you have planned your dinner or are using whatever you have left in your pantry/fridge, stuffing chicken is super easy. However, if you want to make this Recipe tonight for dinner you'll have to do some planning to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients, but there's only 7 ingredients, so it shouldn't be too hard to whip together. If you're interested in making this for dinner tonight the Ingredients and Directions are below:

1. Chicken Breast
2. Asparagus
3. Garlic - Pressed
4. Spinach - Chopped
5. Roasted Red Peppers - 2 Inch Long Slices
6. Feta - Cubes
7. Olive Oil

 1. Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.
2. In a small bowl mix together Olive Oil, Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers, Garlic, and Feta and let sit for 10 minutes to marinade. Then place in a frying pan and let cook/reduce for 3-5 minutes.
3. Cut a pocket in the Chicken Breast and stuff with Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper, Garlic, and Feta mixture and then place remaining on top.
4. Once oven has heated put the Stuffed Chicken Breast in, and let bake for 20 minutes.
5. In the same frying pan put the Asparagus and Pressed Garlic in and fry for 10 minutes or until cooked through. Tip: Try to time the Asparagus and Chicken Breast to be finished at the same time.
6. Plate and Enjoy!

Kristen Wiig WOWs on The Black Carpet

Kristen Wiig's sense of style is usual corky, which is what I love about her, and this semi-sheer patterned frock that she wore to the LA Premiere of her upcoming film, Masterminds, was no exception. I am absolutely obsessed with this look from head to toe! Her stylist did an amazing job styling this look with ankle strap peep-toe pumps, simple earrings and rings, soft blow out, a bold lash line, and a pink lip.

Frock: Marc Jacobs | Pumps: Charlotte Olympia | Jewellery: Ruifier & Yves Spinelli
 Hair Stylist: Davy Newkirk | Make-Up Artist: Mai Quynh
Stylist: Penny Lovell

Zimmermann - #NYFW Spring 2017

"I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney," said Nicky Zimmermann today. "About 45 minutes out of the city - you were kind of deprived of access to the subculture happening in town. So, every Saturday, I'd drive in with my friends and we'd make our own outfits." This origin story served as the inspiration for Zimmermann's Spring collection. What that morphed into on the runway was clothing that had a ruffled pomp with polished, DIY kind of indifference, rife with lace, tulle, layers, prints, and detail. What's regularly remarkable about Zimmermann is the brand's ability to produce high-quality, intricate workmanship while retailing at a sub-designer price point. Zimmermann mentioned that the overall feel of the collection was also "kind of sexy pirate," a descriptor that must have sprung from the "romanticism" of her youthful memories. Sometimes that manifestation looked a little derivative of, say, Rodarte, but it wasn't bothersome." -

Tadashi Shoji - #NYFW Spring 2017

 "It's about rising up from earth, and leaving it all behind... and turning into something beautiful out there," said Tadashi Schoji backstage before his Spring show. It was all distilled into some knockout pieces. Harness details were apparent throughout - backs were closured with straps, many of which trailed long. The designer also mentioned lingerie as a reference point. Many pieces were see-through, some of which worked and some of which didn't. [However,] when he does strike, the result can be utterly fabulous." -

Another Victory for Lupita on the Red Carpet

Lupita Nyong'o's Red Carpet Style for the "Queen Of Katwe" Premieres is just getting better. At the LA Premiere on September 20th Lupita opted for a lilac gown with waist and strap detailing, matching lilac turban, drop earrings, a subtle smokey eye, and a bold pink lip.  Once again slaying the Red Carpet and one upping her look from TIFF.

Gown: Elie Saab | Sandals: Neil J. Rodgers | Jewellery: Graziela Gems |
Clutch (Not Shown): Amanda Pearl
Hair Stylist: Vernon François | Make-Up Artist: Nick Barose
Stylist: Micaela Erlanger

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Night at the NYC Ballet

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out at the New York City Ballet Gala in this stunning custom colour blocked gown. I don't even know where to start, with the plunging v-neck, the 3/4 length sleeves, or the perfect twirl fullest, there's just too much to love. SJP completed her look with simple bracelets, strappy black sandals, a straight blow out, and signature kohl rimmed eyes.

Gown: Narciso Rodriguez | Sandals: SJP Collection

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sachin & Babi - #NYFW Spring 2017

 "Pairs of ballet dancers were demi-plié-ing and tondu-ing around the edges of Sachin & Babi's Spring 2017 presentation today. Yes, ballet served as an inspiration for Sachin Ahluwalia's collection, but this wasn't a typical rehashing of satin ribbons and blush pink. Inspired by the strong women around him, the designer set out to explore the relationship between strength and grace in his collection. That's how he ended up with ballet finding along the way new techniques for incorporating his signature ruffles and a more relaxed, slightly bohemian spirit. Reaching that teenaged demographic is certain smart, but it wasn't the only motivator for Ahlywalia to try out a more informal spirit this season. As someone who deals primarily in the everyingwear and occasion market, the designer noticed his customers looking for more unfussy pieces that could transition from day-to-night and allow for more casual wear. "Babi has one side of her closet where she puts her eveningwear. I want to take over the full closet," he said. "And make that affordable for her." Customers old and new won't argue with that." -